History of the Club
In the 1990's a group of people who wanted to learn country dancing answered an advert in a local paper. The groups first meeting was at Biddenham's Deep Spinney hall It was arranged by a Bedford business man from Brickhill and an experienced caller from Rushden club. 
In time, work commitments changed and a committee was formed of keen dancers to keep running the club. They moved the club's location to Bedford town in 1999 and gave the club the name of Bedford Barn Dancers Club
When it moved to Putnoe Heights in 2010 it was renamed as 'Bedford Folk Dance Club' this name better reflects the wide range of dance styles offered at the club from the experienced callers employed.
Recently the Church committee added a 50% increase on hire chargesand the club were forced to move to the new friendly hall in Biddenham.
Once again we have relocated to a more central church hall. Recent road works en route to Biddenham which are due to be in place until spring 2020 have made the friendly Biddenham Church Barn awkward to get to for some of our members, so we have moved.