Welcome to the Bedford Folk Dance Club 

The Bedford Folk Dance Club is closed due to the ongoing COVID virus lockdown

Come along to an evening with Bedford Folk Dance Club. We are a lively and friendly club who meet every Thursday evening from August at St. Mary's Church Hall, Church Lane, Bedford 
MK41 0HL. The folk dance evenings are held between 8pm and 10pm.

We welcome a wide age range to the club, couples and singles attend the club and there is no necessity to bring a partner. A friendly atmosphere ensures that nobody spends an evening sitting out. As a new dancer you will join in from the start, there are no formal lessons but experienced dancers will guide you through the dances so you will soon gain confidence and get to know people and the basic moves such as Stars, Ladies Chain, Do Si Do and Grand Chain.
There is no dress code; jeans and trainers are acceptable (as well as a top) or Doc Martins and a Tutu as long as you are comfortable, cool and don't slip over!

You can find a map and directions of how to get to the dances on the How to find us page

Why not come along and join us at St. Mary's Church Hall one Thursday evening and enjoy a night with Bedford Folk Dance Club. The cost is £3 per night the session lasts from 8pm until 10pm.

We have a rotation of professional callers who instruct and lead the dancing; each caller has their own choice of music and dances, ranging from traditional British and American Folk tunes in “Olde English” Playford Styles, or American Squares and Contra Dancing. 
A refreshment break with tea/coffee, soft drinks & biscuits is held which gives everyone the chance of a well-earned breather, a chance to chat and hear any announcements about forthcoming events.

We have a complete listing of all the events that we host (and some others) on the Events Calendar

Twice a year the club holds Saturday night dances with a live band and a celebrity caller. These dances enable dancers' family, friends and dancers from other clubs to share your enjoyment

For more information please see the Contact us

Upcoming Major Events

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